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     I have a proven record of success helping people find mutually satisfying resolutions outside of court in divorce and a range of family law issues. 

     I maintain a higher-than-average settlement rate.  With a working knowledge of Texas' caucus method of mediation, I help both parties in family law cases reach timely settlement agreements, avoiding the protracted, expensive and often traumatic process of litigation.

     Judges, lawyers and other legal professionals know and respect me for my effective mediation service and its involvement in the Texas legal community for over forty years.  Throughout my career as an attorney, I have presented at numerous local and state bar conferences.  I have served as an amicus attorney in most Harris County family law courts and have strong working relationships with courts throughout the State.

To learn more about how I can help you serve the legal needs of your clients, call me at (713) 871-9587 or contact me online. 

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